Goal Cause $300,000
Achieved $600,000
50% of our Goal -- Donation

About Us

We are the first and only private collaborative response network platform for disaster recovery and relief initiative. We began our program in the late Fall of 2017 in Texas.

We have learned from past natural disasters such as, Katrina in 2004, Haiti earthquake in 2010, and the earthquake and Tsunami in 2004 in the Indian Ocean. In 2017, we have seen the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, Mexico earthquake, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, East Africa and Yemen Crisis, and the Zika Virus of 2016-17.

All these disasters have taught us we have never been fully prepared to respond effectively and quickly to these type of catastrophic emergencies. There has been very little to no private emergency response collective initiative to transition from Governmental and NGO relief efforts to a permanent and ongoing initiative to support and insure complete recovery. All emergency response activities are customarily designed to deal with immediate and crucial protection of life and property, with insufficient organization to deal with the longer term, tedious - but essential - reconstruction effort.

Our Mission

To established a technology based collaborative emergency response network platform to bring together the people and their resources necessary to help the victim’s of natural disasters get their property restored and victims them back on their feet. The network members and users will orchestrate a supply chain of products, tools and services to help rebuild the victim’s damaged homes and properties. The more swiftly and resourceful we respond to the victim’s needs, the more quickly the victims’ lives can return to normalcy.

Our Solution

At its core our Network is a cloud-based, enterprise wide paradigm of collaborative messaging and transactions platform. The Network tied ties together all parties and/or users to integrate the supply chain of resources and consumers to effect successful completion of a recovery project. That is, the coordination of the needs and procurement of products and services as well as the people with the right expertise to fulfill the successful completion of a recovery project.

We begin with the following work flow steps:
  • Verify and validate customer or victim identity
  • Perform Due Diligence on all vendors based on regulatory compliance
  • On-boarding registration
  • Create Case profile
  • Rules based routing

Vendors Network

We have recruited and assembled a powerful group of highly reputable and experienced companies and individuals to support our overall efforts. We group them by their area of involvement:

    Construction and Home builders.

  • GE Appliances
  • Home Depot
  • Sam's club
  • Others

Real estate agencies

  • Keller Williams
  • Century21

Financial Valu chain

  • Lenders
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Capital investment and finance

Real estate developers

  • Commercial and Single family

Logics and fulfillment companies

Healthcare and Environment companies

Our Technology Platform

  • Cloud SaaS/PaaS
  • Built on banking industry requirements and specifications
  • Scalable to in excess of 200 million completed daily transactions
  • Security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intelligent work flow
  • Loan origination frontend
  • Borrower identity validation
  • Mobile App
  • Income verification and analysis
  • Third party vendors integration (API)
  • Messaging and conversation collaboration over a secured platform.
  • Proven platform.


Gregory Hilz

Co-founder Chairman and CEO

Ariu Levi

Co-founder and President

Tony Wang

Chief Technology and Development

Michael Jahanbin

Partner Erin Properties Fund

Corporate Office: 550 Reserve Street, Suite 360, Southlake, Texas 76092
Web: www.eringlobal.com
Email: greg@eringlobal.com
Corporate Phone: 877.258.ERIN (877.258.3746)
Houston Hotline: 713.357.1912
Austin Hotline: 512.887.3050

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